Kathryn runs a restaurant but one night she calls the police after she sees a suspicious man waiting in his car. However Kathryn sees one of the three police officers, Kaleen, assault the man with their sticks and kicking them. Under advice from Jack, the police internal investigator, she tells a court and Kaleen is put on suspension and kept to his rank for the rest of the career. However Kathryn gets weird phone calls, her son is arrested for murder and her teaching husband's career is threatened by checks on his record. All of this is because Kaleen is out for revenge and he plans to use the law and his friends in the police to do it. Only Kathryn, her family and Jack stands in his way.

  • Fecha de estreno 10.02.1997
  • País US
  • Idioma English | Deutsch
  • Duración 94
  • Vistas 50


Sgt. Brian Kaleen

Fredric Lehne

Kathryn Stanfill

Mary Tyler Moore

Jack Patkanis

Ed Asner

Neil Stanfill

Denis Arndt

Adam Stanfill

Adam Scott