The Matthew Shepard Story


In a senseless act of hatred, openly gay college student Matthew Shepard was murdered in 1998. This critically-acclaimed, moving film recounts the final days of Matthew's killers' trial—and the weeks leading to Matthew's death—with unnerving detail. Stockard Channing delivers an unforgettable, Emmy® Award-winning performance as Matthew's grieving mother, Judy, in a story of a murder that moved a nation to action. Also starring Law & Order's Sam Waterston.

  • Fecha de estreno 16.03.2002
  • País CA
  • Idioma Deutsch
  • Duración 92
  • Vistas 61


Judy Shepard

Stockard Channing

Dennis Shepard

Sam Waterston

Romaine Patterson

Kristen Thomson

Matthew Shepard

Shane Meier

The Matthew Shepard Story - 2002