Expecting a Miracle


L.A. engineer Pete Stanhope wants to stop expensive, frustrating IVF treatment with his wife, Donna, and consider adoption but his wife disagrees. In the hopes of defusing the marital tension they go on a a romantic holiday to Mexico. Car trouble strands them in tiny Dommatina, a peaceful village where the locals are content. Pete accepts the help of the only car mechanic, Juan Salazar, while aiding the philosophical father Arturo with preparations for the annual fiesta. Juan's kid brother, disabled Pepillo, will then star in the 'flying act'. Getting to know the boy and experiencing simple happiness may reshape the Stanhope's own future.

  • Fecha de estreno 10.01.2009
  • País US
  • Idioma en
  • Duración 90
  • Vistas 53


Pepillo Salazar

Kevin Hernandez

Donna Stanhope

Teri Polo

Dr. Douglas Clark

Barry Livingston

Father Arturo

Cheech Marin

Pete Stanhope

Jason Priestley

Walter Enright

Ed Lauter

Juan Salazar

Shalim Ortiz


Rebeka Montoya


Ciro Suarez

Expecting a Miracle - 2009