In der Welt habt ihr Angst


Music student Eva has fallen head over heels in love with musician Jo. They have a burning passion for one another and discover that they are able to communicate without auxiliary means, even across great distances. Their love is so great that Eva even follows her boyfriend into heroin addiction. But now this has to come to an end: Eva is pregnant and the two of them plan to go cold turkey in the solitude of New Zealand.

  • Fecha de estreno 03.03.2011
  • País DE
  • Idioma Deutsch
  • Duración 109
  • Presupuesto $90
  • Vistas 23


Johannes Baumann

Hanns Zischler

Jo Kramer

Max von Thun

Paul Krämer

Axel Prahl

Eva Baumann

Anna Maria Mühe

Tom Schäfer

Johannes Allmayer

Gisela Krämer

Kirsten Block

Anwalt Wilhelm Pelzer

Wilfried Klaus