Der Blaue


In this German political drama, an ex-Stasi agent encounters an old friend whom he may have betrayed after his friend tried to escape East Germany. The former East German agent is Otto Skrodt who after many years is about to be promoted in the highest government ranks. He is anxious to maintain a squeaky clean image. His daughter is Isabelle. The young and friendly Kalle returns after spending many years in jail for his escape attempts. He doesn't know exactly who blew the whistle, but his friend Skrodt is definitely under suspicion. Kalle returns to ostensibly renew the friendship and to see Isabelle whom he loves. The duplicitous friendship between the two men becomes the main focus of the story which features interesting plot twists at the end.

  • Fecha de estreno 21.02.1994
  • País DE
  • Idioma Deutsch
  • Duración 96
  • Vistas 26
themoviedb icon 4.5/10



Hanns Zischler

Karl 'Kalle' Kaminski

Ulrich Mühe

Isabelle Skrodt

Meret Becker

Otto Skrodt

Manfred Krug

Führungsoffizier Werner

Klaus Manchen

Mandy Skrodt

Marijam Agischewa

Der Blaue - 1994 Der Blaue - 1994