Little Angel


Ramona lives her lonely life in Berlin working in a lipstick factory. One day she accidentally runs into Andrzei, a Polish mechanic illegally selling cigarettes in Germany during the weekend. One thing leads to another, and soon she finds herself pregnant. Then her life starts falling apart, when Andrzei tells her he already has a wife back in Poland and her baby dies shortly after its premature birth.

  • Fecha de estreno 02.10.1997
  • Idioma Deutsch
  • Duración 88
  • Vistas 20



Sophie Rois

Ramona Schneider

Susanne Lothar


Ulrich Mühe

Lucies Freund

Ben Becker

Frau in der S-Bahn

Barbara Dittus

Little Angel - 1997 Little Angel - 1997