Shelby Barrett (Barbara Stanwyck) rides show horses for wealthy widow "Nicko" Nicholas (Genevieve Tobin)and meets Johnny Wyatt (Gene Raymond), scion of a once-wealthy Long Island Family, but who now goes about the country riding polo ponies for "Nicko." Despite the efforts of "Nicko" and wealthy Gene Fairchild (John Eldredge), who is in love with Shelby, Johnny and Shelby are married. Shelby is treated frigidly by her snobby-but-broke in-laws, who frown even more when she and Johnny start handling the horses for wealthy neighbors on money Shelby had borrowed from Fairchild without telling her proud-but-broke husband. Matters aren't helped any when "Nicko" shows up and starts a gossip circuit directed against Shelby. When Johnny is away, Fairchild asks Shelby to help him entertain a wealthy client aboard his yacht. She tries to contact Johnny and fails but accepts the invitation...

  • Fecha de estreno 16.02.1935
  • País US
  • Idioma English
  • Duración 68
  • Vistas 110


Spectator at Horse Show

Bess Flowers

Defense Attorney Clayton

Russell Hicks

Mrs. Olga Goodyear

Dorothy Tree

Shelby Barret Wyatt

Barbara Stanwyck

Aunt Bettina

Nella Walker

John 'Johnny' Wyatt

Gene Raymond

Mrs. 'Nicko' Nicholas

Genevieve Tobin

Eugene 'Gene' Fairchild

John Eldredge

Dan McCall

Phillip Reed

Grandpa Wyatt

Claude Gillingwater

Mrs. Casserly

Doris Lloyd

Wyatt Furness

Hale Hamilton

Prosecuting Attorney Foxall (as Ed Van Sloan)

Edward Van Sloan

Stuart Wyatt (as Gordon Elliott)

Bill Elliott

Uncle Emlen Wyatt

Brandon Hurst

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