Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami


There is no question that the Arab terrorist portrayed by Robert Davi is guilty of killing five US citizens in Barcelona. Even his lawyers have zero respect for the rabidly sociopathic Davi. But Jewish defence attorney Ron Leibman is obsessed with the concept of Due Process, and has vowed that Davi will receive a scrupulously fair trial when the terrorist is extradited to America. The defence mounted by Leibman confounds and aggravates government prosecutor Sam Waterston--but he, like Leibman, remains a man of judiciary integrity.

  • Fecha de estreno 30.12.1988
  • País US
  • Idioma English
  • Duración 134
  • Vistas 50


Lyn Kessler

Frances Conroy


Robert Davi


Sam Waterston

Defence Attorney

Ron Leibman

George Flanders

James Greene