Hunters in The Night


One morning, a Japanese monk shows up in a village: He does not speak a word, has a head injury and is evidently on the run. Chief Inspector Louise Bonì immediately senses that the young man is in grave danger. However, her supervisor Bermann does not believe her word - because since a deadly use Bonì is psychologically struck and is mainly due to an alcohol problem. Nevertheless, she continues to investigate on her own. The trail leads to a mysterious Zen monastery and a private children's aid organization, which mediates Asian adopted children. Soon Louise awakens a terrible suspicion.

  • Fecha de estreno 05.02.2015
  • Idioma English | Français | Deutsch
  • Duración 89
  • Vistas 25


Louise Boni

Melika Foroutan

Rolf Bermann

Anian Zollner

Richard Landen

Barry Atsma

Bürgermeister Ponzelt

Jochen Kolenda

Hunters in The Night - 2015