Mensch Kotschie


A well-placed site manager and father slips into a midlife crisis and recalls promptly to a former lover. Satirical comedy that finds compelling cinematic narrative technique for the feeling of comprehensive alienation and emotional state of emergency worded precisely in images that make over room poetics, dramaturgy and color perspectivization experience the world of heroes transparent. The fact that the terseness is sometimes applied a little thick, weight to a minimum.

  • Fecha de estreno 18.03.2010
  • País DE
  • Idioma Deutsch
  • Duración 96
  • Vistas 20


Mario Kotschie

Max Mauff

Carmen Schöne

Ulrike Krumbiegel

Jürgen Kotschie

Stefan Kurt

Karin Kotschie

Claudia Michelsen

Jenny Schöne

Nele Trebs

Kotschies Vater

Axel Werner


Bernd Moss


Henning Peker


Sven Pippig


Torsten Ranft