Guilty Hands


Richard Grant is a lawyer who believes that murder under certain circumstances is justifiable. Richard's daughter, Barbara, takes her dad to a dinner party hosted by Richard's old friend, wealthy playboy, Gordon Rich. Gordon tells Richard that he and Barbara plan to marry. Richard threatens Gordon's life if he marries Barbara. Richard is unaware that Barbara has no plans to marry Gordon, and she's in love with Tommy Osgood. Richard enraged of the thought of Barbara marrying Gordon goes into Gordon's room, undetected, and kills him...Has Richard committed the perfect crime?

  • Fecha de estreno 22.08.1931
  • País US
  • Idioma English
  • Duración 69
  • Vistas 35


Marjorie West

Kay Francis

Barbara 'Babs' Grant

Madge Evans

Tommy Osgood

William Bakewell

Reverend Hastings

C. Aubrey Smith

Richard Grant

Lionel Barrymore


W.S. Van Dyke

Aunt Maggie

Polly Moran

Gordon Rich

Alan Mowbray

Spencer Wilson

Forrester Harvey

Jimmy, a Black Servant (uncredited)

Sam McDaniel

Second Man on Train (uncredited)

Robert McKenzie

Chief of Police Bill Mott (uncredited)

Landers Stevens

Johnny (uncredited)

Blue Washington

Guilty Hands - 1931