Fallen Angel


Fallen Angel is an ITV series broadcast on 11–13 March 2007 based on the Roth Trilogy of novels by Andrew Taylor. It tells the story of Rosie Byfield, a clergyman's daughter, who grows up to be a psychopathic killer. It has a unique narrative that moves backwards in time as it uncovers the layers of Rosie's past.

  • Fecha de estreno 11.03.2007
  • País GB
  • Idioma En
  • Duración 120
  • Vistas 156


David Byfield

Charles Dance

Audrey Oliphant

Barbara Wilshere

Henry Appleton

Peter Capaldi

Lady Youlgreave

Sheila Hancock

Voice of Francis Youlgreave

John Standing

Vanessa Byfield

Niamh Cusack

Toby Clifford

James D'Arcy

Hugh Treevor

Patrick Godfrey

Joanna Clifford

Cara Horgan

Simon Martlesham

Donald Sumpter

Janet Byfield

Emma Fielding