Shiina Hideaki has been searching for new owners for the cats that his late wife had reared, together with his childhood friend Fujimura Misaki, who is a vet. Hiromi who wants to be given a cat that will be a substitute for the pet that her grandmother had loved, comes to visit. After inspecting Hiromi’s house, Hideaki hands her a blanket together with a cat. Hiromi is relieved that her grandmother is happy to be reunited with the cat. However, this time, she brings up her desire to meet Hiromi’s fiance. (source: ~~ Based on the collection of short stories "Blanket Cats" by Shigematsu Kiyoshi (published from March to September, 2003)

  • Fecha de estreno 23.06.2017
  • País JP
  • Idioma Ja
  • Duración 49
  • Vistas 259
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