Toronto’s only female private detective in the 1920s takes on the cases the police don’t want or can’t handle. From airplanes and booze running to American G-men, Communists and union busters, Frankie’s fearless sense of adventure gets her into all kinds of trouble, but she always manages to find her way out.

  • Fecha de estreno 06.11.2017
  • País CA
  • Idioma En
  • Duración 40
  • Vistas 18

(S01E06) Episodio anterior

Whisper Sisters

Whisper Sisters

Se estrenó en 11.12.2017

Frankie and Trudy are led into the dangerous world of bootlegging while investigating the shooting of a friend's young son.

Episodio siguiente (S01E07)

The Pilot

The Pilot

Se estrena en 08.01.2018

On their day off, an aviator's son is kidnapped.


Frankie Drake

Lauren Lee Smith

Trudy Clarke

Chantel Riley

Whiskey Wendy

Grace Lynn Kung

Frankie Drake Mysteries - 2017 Frankie Drake Mysteries - 2017