The reputation of the Four constables survives, but since Emotionless’s departure, there have been changes at the Divine Constabulary. The four Coldblood, Iron Hands, Life Snatcher, rescue Zhuge Zhengwo from An Yunshan’s mountain fortress, then with the Emperor and Di armies, they attack. But An Yunshan absorbs their power, which means the constables and their allies now face their most lethal opponent yet, a nearly invincible kung fu master who won’t stop until he has absolute power...

  • Fecha de estreno 21.08.2014
  • País CN, HK
  • Idioma 普通话 | 广州话 / 廣州話
  • Duración 107
  • Beneficio $32,000,000
  • Vistas 39
themoviedb icon 4.2/10


Iron Hand

Collin Chou

Zhuge Zhenwo

Anthony Wong

Cold Blooded

Deng Chao


Liu Yifei

Life Snatcher

Ronald Cheng

Ji Yaohua

Jiang Yi-Yan

Lord An Shigeng/The God of Wealth

Wu Xiubo

Aunt Poise

Sheren Tang


Waise Lee


Alec Su

Lord An

Yu Cheng-Hui

Big Wolf

Bao Bei-Er


Gordon Chan

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